Windows Update Causing Dymo Printers to Print Blank Labels

Windows Update Causing Dymo Printers to Print Blank Labels

Has your Dymo Labelwriter recently started printng blank labels?
You're not alone.

The latest Windows update is causing a known issue where Dymo LabelWriter™ printers are printing out blank labels. This issue is affecting all sizes and types of labels regardless of whether the labels are genuine Dymo brand or compatible.This can affect Windows 7,8 and 10 users. The issue is a conflict between the recent Windows update and the Dymo software.

The issue will cause your printer to print blank labels. If your printer is printing normally, you can ignore this message.

The current working solution from Dymo Global Support is to download DYMO Label Version 8.5.4. We have tested this in-house and confirmed that it is a working solution and should be used until the incompatibility with Windows is sorted out.

If this does not work in your situation, you can follow these detailed instructions from Dymo on how to delete your Windows update.

18th Mar 2021 Justin Urwin

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